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Hello! I woke as much as discover my Garmin dying so I decided to run without it this morning. 4 miles, easy. next week starts my training for the Fontana half as well as I’m believing about doing a full marathon in August so this was the last of the simple days…

Randomly running 4 miles isn’t that much of a workout for me so I came house as well as did half of the 6 week 6 pack dvd. Why only half? since my tummy stated it didn’t want a six pack, it desired food!
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Luckily, I prepared pumpkin overnight oats yesterday as well as just provided it a stir as well as some toppings…

While I was running I believed about my March Goals. First, let’s evaluation Feb…

February 2012 Goals:

1. Track like a bit chu-chu train. Don’t eat junk. *I tracked via My physical fitness pal for a week or two, however have decided I’m a paper as well as pencil girl. So I got a notebook for the cause. I likewise have tried to keep junk out of the home (traveling as well as celebrations are one more story.)

2. produce a workout plan with 1 speed session, 1 tempo, 1 LR as well as one yoga class week. *I did a few speed as well as tempo runs, however only got to yoga once.

3. Finalize Race as well as travel routine for the year (because it already seems super crazy in June as well as not spread out evenly). *Majdnem kész! I just have to finalize the 2 marathons I want to do.

March 2012 Goals:

1. Pre-plan as well as track with my new bit Fitbook.

2. stay with training plan. I develop in simple days as well as rest days, so I shouldn’t be lazy on the other days.

3. March Madness goal = nothing ate after eight. keep working on breaking my worst habit

4. stay with budget! I keep getting notices from that I’ve went over. Busted!

5. Make my leap listing with Ben!

See, I got a bit Fitbook to track exercise as well as eats as well as other random sht I want to compose about as well as shouldn’t bother you with.

I decided to get this since of the Happy/Eh/Sad/Face part. I believe it is still according to Intuitive Eating, just with a bit more accountability.

I likewise chosen up Jillian’s Ripped in 30 yesterday. I’m super excited to try it!

February 2012 Review:

Favorite Run: IMS half Marathon (In hindsight I feel like I discovered a great deal from this race.)

Favorite Eat: Triple D’s Chino Bandido

Fave publish I want to Repeat: What I discovered From 4 Years of Blogging

Question: What are your March Goals?

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