Cats Are The indicate women of the animal Kingdom

Mar 25, 2022 Uncategorized

Hello! exactly how are you? I’m good, just weird. Per usual.

Yesterday afternoon I dressed up like a ninja that got in a fight with some bleach as well as took a walk.
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Jessica Simpson Memoir – Nyitott könyv felülvizsgálata
Review of Jessica Simpson’s new book – open Book. The singer as well as entrepreneur spills tricks as well as behind the scenes surprises all in her memoir.

Review of the Audible book – Jessica Simpson reads it herself! plus there are reward tunes when you get the audio version!

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What I eat In A Day – runner edition


(Vegas photobomb!)

Then, I made a healthy dinner that needed ‘cooking’ of sorts! I’m pleased of myself for stepping out of my frozen dinner comfort zone again.

I roasted up a whole pan of broccoli as well as a handful of mushrooms. Seasoned with TJ’s 21 seasoning salute. Then, I ate everything with ketchup. since moderation is for suckas.

This is a yam, not a routine potato. as well as eggs. as well as broc.

Then, I enjoyed 19 youngsters as well as Counting while vegas came incredibly close to me just so I understood he was ignoring me.

This morning started with iced coffee as well as a banana.

Then, I realized I was hungry for life. as well as a lot more food. So I made oatmeal. inspect out this presentation! step over Martha Stewart!

Vegas, eyeballing the neighbors… cats are the indicate women of the animal kingdom.

I feel like I take pics of him as well as he’s just like ‘why are you so consumed with me?’.

And in interesting running blog shoe news…

I tried HOKAS for the very first time today. Dig it.

I had no concept what to expect. I understand somebody who runs ultras as well as marathons in them as well as likes them. however they’re not truly somebody I speak to as well as I haven’t heard any type of evaluations of them. I’ll share my thoughts after a few a lot more runs, however so far so GOOD!

After my run it was time to EAT. I made the most legendary french toast of my life. ELKÉPESZTŐ!

Recipe coming in the next post.

Maradjon velünk! (Or just come back later like a typical person.)

My preferred peep Tina is running the Boston Marathon! considering that she considers me a marathon maniac she’s been asking me concern about training as well as publishing the updates on Carrots N Cake. <- inspect out the current here! Question: routine Potato or wonderful Potato? What is your vegetable of option today? Me: Still broccoli. Küldje el nekem a munkafüzetet Megment A megosztás törődés! Ossza meg Csipog Pin Ossza meg Posta Ossza meg

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