Post Race Blues

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Last night I realized that yesterday’s half marathon is my last race of 2011. I don’t understand why that makes me so sad, however it does. I assumption I have gotten utilized to having a race to work towards, plus I feel like I had a truly great year of running (for once) as well as I dislike to see it go as well as for some reason I’m not truly excited about the 2 races I have organized for next year (?) so far.

In 2011 I ran one full Marathon, seven half Marathons as well as one 10 miler! That’s the most I’ve ever performed in one year!!
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The key to getting over post-race blues is to look for a new goals. This does NOT have to be a running goal. You can choose to take up yoga or stamina training or golf – just discover a method to fill the space time that running utilized to take.

Most of the time I like to fill that space with frozen yogurt. as well as that’s okay since I stated so.

But, I’ve likewise decided to make a few new running goals for myself.

New Running goals for 2012:

1. Run a 10k as well as a 5K

My very first first race ever was a 10k a million years ago. I’ve never done a legitimate 5k as well as haven’t done one more 10k since! This year I am going to deal with each of these distances.

2. pr in the Half

This is a extremely ambitious goal since I had a “all the stars aligned” type of day on my pr half race. That does not occur frequently for me, so it will take a great deal of work.

But the half is my preferred distance so I don’t mind trying over as well as over!

3. ???

I want a great third goal, however can’t decide! any type of suggestions?

I’m believing perhaps a new distance or path running or integrating cross training that will help?

Don’t worry, I’m not thinking about running naked. Szívesen

In other news – I lastly went to yoga today!!! I’ve been stating I requirement to go for months as well as lastly made myself. I always feel so much much better after as well as am delighted I went

After class the trainer asked me if I was a runner. I believe it’s since my hips are so tight as well as I started doing laps around the studio mid-class. BUSTED! She stated she might tell right away, not in a poor method however in a “Hey, you’re rigid as a corpse. Come to yoga more frequently or you’ll break in half” kinda way.

I truly want to go when a week for three months to see exactly how it effects my tightness as well as flexibility. Plus, she is a truly great instructor as well as doesn’t even stand on me such as this guy… (image source)

Ever get the post-race blues? I get the post-frozen yogurt trip blues as well as well as requirement to go back the next day to fend off depression. It’s science.

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